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Book a tandem jump with Thomas at Gap (05) - France

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Tandem initiation Jump With Thomas at Gap

Perform initiation of skydiving, with a real champion, at the Gap-Tallard skydiving school center!
(The center is affiliated and approved by the French Parachuting Federation.)

Come and discover free fall by performing an initiation jump in a two-seater tandem with a qualified instructor.
Unique thrills... to be experienced during a jump from a height of 3500m/4000m, i.e. 2000m of free fall at more than 200km/h.

An intense and 100% adrenaline experience in the exceptional area of the Gap Valley

Open from 30/03/2024 to 01/10/2024


The service includes the realization of a two-seater tandem free fall jump with a qualified instructor.
You are taken care of as soon as you arrive on site and your instructor drives everything.
Specific equipment is made available.
Preferably bring a comfortable outfit (jogging, basketball) even if it is possible to jump in a 3-piece suit.


Mandatory requirement:
  • You have to be of lawful age (18 years old) to perform a tandem jump with Thomas.
  •  An original medical certificate stating no contraindication to the practice of parachuting, mention tandem jump, delivered by a general practitioner.


Jump Options:
  • Video option (option not included)
    Keep a video memory of your free fall jump.
    The service includes a videoman who jump with us to film.
    The HD video is delivered at the end of the jump, on USB key.
  •  Time preference for the jump (free option)
    Possibility to choose to jump in the morning or after noon. (according to availability)
  • Gift vouchers (free option)
    Gift voucher available for 12 months, sent by email (pdf file to print at home)


Good to know :
  • You are not sure of the date :
    book via online availability and we will change the date of the jump together during our telephone contact.
  •  You are several or in a group :
    It is possible to be together on the same plane. In this case, Thomas has to call on a partner instructor.
  • Weather problem on the day of the jump :
    Although Gap has a very high level of sunshine, the practice of skydiving is constrained by suitable weather conditions.
    In case of cancellation of the activity for weather reasons, the activity is simply postponed.


Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form for any further information.
(Don't forget to give us your phone number if you want to be called back.)


Program of a Tandem initiation parachute jump.

(allow 2 to 3 hours of presence on site)


  • Welcome to CERPS Gap Tallard

Management of formalities and administrative documents

  • Briefing of 15/20 minutes and safety instructions

Your instructor will explain to you all the course of the jump during the briefing, as well as what to do on the ground, in the plane, in freefall, under canopy and for landing.
It also presents the safety instructions.

  • Equipment and boarding on the plane

About 20 to 30 minutes before the jump, your instructor equips you with the tandem parachute harness (provided) and goggles (provided). After validating the equipment checks, you head together to the boarding area.
Once the plane is parked for boarding, your instructor guides you and installs you in the plane.

  • Ascent by plane to 3500m/4000m with a view of Gap and the Alps

The ascent by plane takes about ten minutes, with a magnificent view of the Alps and the Gap valley. Once the jump altitude is reached, the plane slows down and stabilizes horizontally to enable the jump of the skydivers. The starting order is decided by the technical director of the center.
Most of the time the tandems leave the plane in last position

  • Free fall of 45 to 55 seconds at more than 200 km/h

The instructor installs you for the departure and makes you leave the plane to begin the fall. A few seconds after the exit, you are in the ideal fall position (on your stomach) and the instructor activates a stabilizer. Now you can enjoy your freefall at over 200 km/h. Do not close your eyes; equipped with goggles, you can enjoy the entire jump without discomfort.

  • Flight under canopy of 5 to 6 min with the possibility of taking the controls and piloting the parachute.

After the parachute opens at approximately 1,500 m, your instructor drives you to the landing zone. You then benefit from a plunging view of the 3 massifs overlooking the Gap valley. After a few minutes of flight, your instructor prepares the landing by engaging the landing circuit.

  • Soft landing

The landing takes place smoothly. A few meters from the ground, your instructor asks you to raise your legs so that he can carry out the landing maneuver and touch the ground first. And it's back to terra firma. After landing, your instructor unfastens the harness and takes you back to the hangar.

Do not hesitate any longer, come and live an extreme experience in complete safety!


Information relating to the practice of skydiving in tandem jump with Thomas



  • Authorized age: minimum 18 years old, no age limit
  • Weight : maxi dressed 100 kg
  • Size : From 1m35 to 2m20
  • Not having consumed alcohol or narcotics in the last 12 hours,
  • Not having practiced scuba diving in the 48 hours preceding the jump


Regulatory information:

  • Mandatory identity card
  • Medical certificate required (less than 3 months mandatory, issued by a general practitioner).
  • Activity not available to pregnant women
  • Activity not available to people with disabilities
  • Activity not recommended in case of recent surgery (to be assessed with your surgeon)


Seasonal activity subject to weather conditions:

  •  Open from 03/26/2022 to 10/23/2022
    This activity is a seasonal activity, the reservation is therefore subject to the opening and closing dates of the season, as well as the availability of Thomas. We invite you to read the schedule and book as soon as possible.
  • Weather conditions 
    Skydiving is subject to many meteorological constraints: rain, wind, clouds, etc. Although the center of Gap is a place with very favorable aerology and weather, it is possible that the conditions will not be met on D-Day.
    In case of weather problem we postpone the jump



  • Casual clothes, such as jeans, joggers, sweatshirts and "basketball" type shoes.
  • We provide specific equipment (harness, goggles)
  • Plan an outfit adapted to the heat constraints of the season
  • Personal cameras or telephones are not accepted during the free fall.
    (strict regulations on carrying cameras in free fall)



  • Skydiving can cause compression and decompression effects in the ears. These phenomena are frequent and resolve within a few hours.
  • Possibility of grouping up to 3 people from the same group on the same plane.
  • Allow 2 to 3 hours on site


Safety :

  • Jumps performed at a parachuting school center affiliated and approved by the French Parachuting Federation
  • Instructors certified by the State Patent (BPJEPS) by the French Parachuting Federation, with several thousand jumps to their credit
  • 100% of parachutes equipped with electronic safety openers system


Order with ease
You only pay after validation of your booking

1 - Booking for Free

+ On page Shop, select the date and the options of your jump according to availability, then Confirm booking
+ In the shopping cart, click on Order.
+ Fill in the form and validate by clicking on Request Confirmation.

2 - Booking Confirmation

+ After receiving your request, we will contact you by phone within 24 hours to organize the jump and validate the options of your order.
+ At any time you can modify your booking or your options.

3 - Order Payment

+ After confirmation of your booking, you will receive an email inviting you to log in to your account to finalize your order.
+ Go to your online order and click on the button Pay.

The jumps are performed at the CERPS Gap-Tallard parachuting school center.

The center is located at the Gap Tallard aerodrome, in the Hautes-Alpes
region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France)

  • Address

Aérodrome de Gap Tallard
 Chp Eymi, 05130 Tallard

  • Access

Located at the exit of the A51 motorway interchange south of Gap (2 hours north of Marseille / Aix en Provence via the A51 and 1h30 from Valence / Grenoble).

  • Infrastructure :

The aerodrome is recognized as the leading European platform for aerial recreation thanks to exceptional local aerology, which allows all light aerial disciplines to rub shoulders in an area of ​​approximately 14 hectares.
A reference in terms of skydiving, it is the main training site for the most prestigious teams and in particular the French teams.

  • Other activites :

The site also offers visitors pleasant moments of relaxation and air shows, as well as the possibility of first flights : Airplane, helicopter, skydiving, microlight, glider, hot air balloon, paramotor, gyroplane, paragliding, piloting courses, aerial photo shots...

  • Nearby town: Digne-les-Bains (76 km), Briançon (90 km) , Grenoble (120 km), Aix-en-Provence (120 km)

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